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Kwik Kaulk® & 360-S®

Conklin's professional grade caulks and sealants are the perfect partner to our Master Guard paints and coatings. They provide a pliable seal that can withstand the extreme pressures of building movement and weather, enhancing the exceptional waterproofing power of our coatings.

Made from quality, high-solid formulas, they form an impregnable seal that will not crack or deteriorate when exposed to water, sunlight and many chemicals. Yet they remain flexible enough to easily withstand building movement and the effects of temperature extremes.

Use Conklin caulks and sealants around doors, windows and other troublesome areas. Our 360–S® Urethane Sealant even works on roof repairs.

Advantages of Conklin's caulks and sealants:

  • Provides superior protection with high-solids formulas.
  • Cures to a durable, long lasting finish.
  • Complies iwth federal specifications for government projects.
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